Natalie Kaufteil

Love & Relationships, Career & Money, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Dreams, Remote Viewing, Empath, Spiritual Counsel, Higher Self Reading, Pets

Life will not always play out the way we want it to. This does not mean we have failed in any respect. I will guide you back where you need to be.

The universe operates with speed and efficiency in direct relation to our degree of trust with GOD. When we feel stuck, most of the time we need to get out of our own way. This does not mean that we simply sit back and do nothing. When we move through the world knowing that we are loved, MAGIC HAPPENS!

I work with Law Enforcement agencies and the families of murder victims to help solve murders, including profiling of the murderer and evaluations of the murderers motives.

My angels also love to help with financial questions and seem to love to tell women when they are pregnant!

I have been blessed with a wonderful gift of sight that goes back many generations in my family. My abilities also include hearing and feeling our angels who provide you with the answers you need to know. These are not always the answers you want to hear.

If you are not open to hearing and accepting answers that don't match what you wanted to hear, please don't ask the questions. Wait until you are ready to hear a real and honest answer -- that is when you will be ready to make some real change in your situation. And that is when I can really begin to help you.

My angels have shown me the Great wisdom of the laws of the universe, which don't follow the rules of any society. We do not judge anyone for we are not here for that at all. We are here only to help you find and guide you along your own path.

Please note that I do use cards to back up what I see, feel, and hear from my angels. I am not a traditional Tarot reader, I see events and thoughts in the cards. Also I do not use cards for every reading, for each is special and unique to the client.

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