Psychic Mike

Love & Relationships, Career & Money, Tarot, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient

Truly a gifted psychic utilizing tarot tools, clairvoyant visions, and spiritual counselor. Mike's no non-sense practical and straight shooter approach helps his clients to solve problems, attain goals, and reach a higher level of happiness in their lives.

Professional experience includes, but not limited to, phone readings for 12 years, professional Psychic Counselor's Network and one-to-one readings for 11 years. Radio KSLX (Nasty Man Show), Power 106, and Big Boy Morning show.

His name recognition comes from television's shows such as Guest Psychic, Psychic News, USA Network, State of Mind, (Media Savvy), Psychic Ambush, and recently Gifted by FOX.

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