Psychic Luke

Relationship Expert, General Readings. Tarot, Empath

Gifted psychic, TESTED & CERTIFIED with answers about love, career, money, health, and more.

Specializing in relationships of all types including LGBTQ. Non-judgmental and caring psychic reader will get answers as to what your partner is thinking and doing and how to make things better in your relationship.

Luke is a naturally born second generation psychic who has been sharing his gift to advise others for over 10 years

His gift has helped many through psychic fairs, the internet, and clients coming to him for guidance


"Best advice I have EVER received! He didn't judge my strange relationship."
Connie Kaser, Illinois

"At first I was a bit skeptical, but after speaking to him, I was completely reassured and amazed at what a gift he has."
Chris Jensen, Ohio

Luke helped me to figure out what my husband was thinking. He told me what to say and how to approach our issues to make them work out. My husband and I are once again happily married and it would not have been possible without Luke's help. He was spot on with everything he told me!"
Jenna Osland, Ontario

"When times were tough, Luke helped guide me through the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought all hope was gone until I spoke with him. He showed me the positive changes to come and sure enough they came. Remarkably accurate. I will be calling Luke in the future!!"
Ron Inglebrecht, Florida

Great reading. I liked the way Luke Andary approached my situation. He was very understanding and kind, and made me feel comfortable sharing my emotions with him. Would reccommend to ALL!!! Thanks SO MUCH"
Felicia Holt, California

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