Pamela A. Aaralyn

Love & Relationships, Clairvoyant, Reiki, Aura Readings, Empathy

Pamela has been able to see energy since the early age of five. At first, she was able to see the energy surrounding trees and plants, and then it progressed to animals.

Before long, Pamela was able to see the energy field surrounding people, while noticing that every aura was different in color, shape, span, and appearance. As if seeing auras wasn't exciting enough, Pamela had her first encounters with "Beings of Light" and "Spiritual Guides," and the new and different experiences continued. As a teenager, she had prophetic dreams that later evolved into clairvoyance and empathy.

Pamela's eagerness to learn about the ever-changing aura has made her an authority on deciphering its many colors and appearances.

Pamela feels that through aura reading, she has been led to empower her clients to make positive changes in their lives on many levels. With a firm belief that the aura is a direct link to our soul, aura reading is very telling in areas such as love, relationships, career, health, and life purpose.

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