Angels Intuition

Love & Relationships, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Empath

You Have Questions and Looking for the Understanding of What's Going On? By asking your specific questions or JenVirginia asking you clarifying questions for your illumination, she offers you clarity through her simply direct and deep insights through her honest, blunt perceptions of your situations.

JenVirginia's perspectives as a certified Spiritual Coach/Teacher who ask questions, as she knows the answers are available within you, if you are open to receive them. JenVirginia works towards your enlightenment and empowerment as she senses your highest potentials within yourself.

She may tell you something different than others as she tells you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. She works through *Angels Intuition* as well as the Ascends Masters. She is also certified a Reiki Master balancing your energies. The more open you are, the more you will receive that understanding you are looking for in your situation and concerns.

Jen Hillman / Angel's Intuition
Intuitive Coach Consultant,
Writer, Host and Producer of
AIR ~ Abstract Illusion Radio
Interviews with wonderful Healers,
Writers, Astrologers and Psychics.

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